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The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Sector in India is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic and exciting sectors India - the world’s fastest growing major economy. Within this space, Insurance is where we see the biggest opportunity for change and transformation.

Right Prompt Technologies is at the forefront of reshaping the insurance landscape. We are leveraging the ServiceNow platform to build cutting-edge products focused on unparallel customer and employee experience.

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Our Culture and Approach

We have cultivated a culture that thrives on innovation. From top to bottom, the company encourages its employees to think outside the box and develop disruptive solutions that challenge the status quo of the insurance industry.

We follow an agile development approach, which aligns perfectly with ServiceNow's flexibility. This approach allows for rapid prototyping, continuous improvement, and quick response to changing market demands.

ServiceNow Platform Foundation

We leverage ServiceNow for Product Development. We harness the powerful workflow automation engine of ServiceNow to streamline insurance processes. This includes automating underwriting, policy management, and claims processing, which greatly enhances operational efficiency and reduces costs.

Data is the lifeblood of the insurance industry, and ServiceNow helps the company manage and analyse data effectively. This data-driven approach ensures that decisions related to risk assessment and product development are grounded in solid insights.

Right Prompt

Focus on Customer Experience

Right Prompt Technologies uses ServiceNow to create self-service portals for insurance customers. These portals enable policyholders to access their information, file claims, and seek support with ease. This focus on customer-centric design enhances overall customer experience.

ServiceNow's communication tools facilitate real-time interactions with customers. The company uses chatbots, email, and instant messaging to keep customers informed, address their concerns promptly, and maintain high satisfaction levels.

Risk Management and Compliance

By harnessing ServiceNow's analytics and reporting capabilities, we can assess and manage risks more effectively. This empowers the company to provide more competitive and personalized insurance products.

We ensure that our insurance products adhere to ever-evolving regulatory requirements with ServiceNow's Compliance Management module. This comprehensive tool tracks compliance status, manages audits, and maintains adherence to industry standards.

Right Prompt

Product Innovation

ServiceNow enables us to swiftly prototype and develop new insurance products. The company can iterate and test ideas rapidly, ensuring that innovative solutions reach the market in record time.

ServiceNow platform's flexibility allows the company to create tailor-made insurance solutions, meeting specific customer needs or targeting niche markets with precision.

Right Prompt Technologies is positioning itself as a leader in the insurance domain, offering products that are not only relevant and competitive but also at the cutting edge of technological advancement. As the insurance industry continues to evolve, we are poised to shape its future.

Leveraging ServiceNow Financial Services Operation

Right Prompt Technologies offers tailored, cutting-edge solutions built on ServiceNow FSO which brings a completely new way of managing end to end operations by connecting the front office, middle office and back-office operations and providing unprecedented gains in visibility, efficiency and user experience.