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Optimization Services

Ongoing Optimization of your ServiceNow instance is important to realise its full performance and benefits.

Upgrading your existing ServiceNow instance can be a challenging process, but our experts can ensure this process is smooth. We assess the current version of your instance, perform health scan check, and run a backup before the upgrade. We discuss and advise on how to set up your instance for optimal performance after the upgrade.

By consistently performing upgrades to the Now Platform®, the potential benefits you can expect include:

  • Achieve business value faster
  • Bring new capabilities to market faster
  • Improve platform performance and the upgrade process

  • Keep your instance healthy with proactive maintenance. When you follow a cadence with prescribed tasks, you will prevent possible performance issues and outages and will continue to be able to deliver good user experience.

    Right Prompt Technologies offer Optimization services with our CSA certified experts for ServiceNow maintenance and performance tuning. Our approach is to do the following on a regular basis.

  • Check for configuration that is not best practice
  • Review your log data for errors and warnings
  • Maintain your tables for peak performance
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